Web Hosting for a website, blog or e-commerce!

With WordPress or Joomla there’s no coding or complicated coding languages, and you can with simple mouse clicks maintain and update your website. You can also access your site whereever you are – as long as you have an interner connection.

One strong cloud infrastructure with three twists:

Our cloud hosting environment is build with robust partners allowing top performance, stability and security.

Cloud Hosting Starter

Perfect for tiny websites. Usually less than 10 pages and only core functionalities.

$6,99 / month*

Cloud Hosting Pro

For companies and organisations whom require more content and functionalities.

$9,99 / month*

Cloud Hosting Business

When your online presence is more important – this package comes with continuous support and proactive updates.

$14,99 / month*

* prices are given as a monhtly spit – charging and billing is based on annual cycles unless otherwise agreed.

Our Plans:

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Price List for Domains

.se179 kr
.com179 kr
.nu179 kr
.eu179 kr




Let us maintain your website to ensure that it remains safe, optimized and updated. With our client portal you can quickly submit support tickets or come in contact with us when in need.

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* we will monitor any threats and take immediate actions as required.